Foreign Body GranulomatousReactions to Endogenous Substances
10A- Fecal granuloma, perforated diverticulitis
10B- Fecal granuloma, perforated diverticulitis
10C- Fecal granuloma, perforated diverticulitis
12A- Gout, tophus, urate crystals
12B- Gout, tophus, urate crystals
12C- Gout, tophus, urate crystals
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13A- Gout, tophus, urate crystals
13B- Gout, tophus, urate crystals
4- Lipid granuloma, liver
15- Mucin granuloma, colonic mucosa, mucicarmine stain
16- Giant cell reaction to mucous in bronchiole
1- Bile
2- Cholesterol
3- Hair
5A- Thyroid colloid. Subacute thyroiditis. "Pac-Man" giant cell
5B- Thyroid colloid. Subacute thyroiditis. 
5C- Thyroid colloid. Subacute thyroiditis. 
6- Thyroid colloid. "Palpation" thyroiditis 
7- Degenerating keratinized cells. Squamous cell carcinoma
8- Keratin "pearl". Squamous cell carcinoma
9A- Sperm. Vasitis nodosa
9B- Sperm. Vasitis nodosa
17A- Pneumatosis intestinalis. Reaction to intralumenal gas
17B- Pneumatosis intestinalis. Reaction to intralumenal gas
18A- Amyloid
14- Gout, tophus, urate crystals
11-  Kidney-Multiple myeloma with intratubular light chain casts; "myeloma kidney", "cast nephropathy"
18B- Amyloid
19-  Skin: Pilomatricoma. Granulomatous (giant cell) reaction to keratinized shadow cells