Granulomatous Appendicitis
Granulomatous appendicitis is a rare condition accounting for less than 2% of all cases of appendicitis (1). Crohn's disease, once thought to account for most cases, appears to be the cause in only 5-10% of cases. A diverse group of etiologies including infection by mycobacteria, fungi or parasites, foreign body reaction and sarcoidosis account for less than 10% of cases. Infection with pathogenic Yersinia species has been demonstrated in approximately 25% of cases (2). The remaining  cases (the majority) appear to be related to subacute/recurrent appendicitis treated with interval (delayed) appendectomy. Granulomatous appendicitis has been reported to be present in as many as 59% of interval appendectomy specimens (3).

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Microscopic Images of Granulomatous Appendicitis